Janna Buell Bio Photo
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and resided there during my youth. Early on in my childhood, at approximately three years of age, I contracted a virus which consequently led to a diagnosis of a moderate to severe hearing loss. This led down a path with my education to pursue a graduate degree at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, the world's only university designed to be barrier-free for Deaf and hard of hearing students. I obtained my Master's degree and CAS in school psychology. Armed with those degrees, I relocated to upstate New York, based on a preference to have a dual skills approach; counseling and assessment. The other benefit was a beautiful environment to raise my three children.

In the early years of my career as a school psychologist, the first job was at a small, rural school, but within three years and the impending birth of my first born, Caitlin, I took a job with the regional Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). During that tenure with BOCES my family grew, a son, Connor and another daughter Catherine, as well as my career. Working at BOCES under the department of Itinerant Services, my assignments covered two schools. Delivery of services included counseling, assessment, and consultation with families, teachers and administration.

The BOCES years, about thirteen in total, allowed me the opportunity to expand my experiences to include working on numerous teams, and an appointment as the chair on the committee on special education. At that time, I felt it necessary to advance my education and attended in the evening, post graduate courses to obtain an administrative degree.

In 2003, having been assigned to Windham Central School under BOCES, I was asked by the Superintendent to come aboard as the Director of Student Services along with my continuation as school psychologist. The beauty of a small school is that one is allowed to wear multiple hats and I was able to teach high school students college courses in psychology, sociology, and American Sign Language (ASL). With the years of diversity of skills and experience on numerous specialized teams I again felt a need to further my skills through obtaining a doctorate, seeing how that would allow for possible future paths.

Exploring opportunities lead me to search for jobs that would include career skills, and challenges that I could be excited about. After months of searching possible jobs, in different states I feel I have come full circle. Back to Missouri, my home but with a wonderful environment that exists in the college town of Columbia, Missouri. I am very excited about this next chapter of my life. Working with teams and within a college is the challenge and excitement mix I have desired. I will cherish the time spent in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York, but it is time to look beyond to other horizons and embrace the fact that you can go home again!