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      The Boone County Schools Mental Health Coalition is a multidisciplinary collaboration among Boone County’s six independent school districts and the University of Missouri to promote the mental health and well-being of all children in our County. Fall 2019 Photo of Missouri Prevention Science Institute Staff Members

What We Do

Our regional coordinators are assigned to a region or group of schools as the primary contact and coordinator of identifying and addressing local mental health needs. Coordinators identify needs within each school using the Early Identification Checklist. Once risk factors and needs are identified, coordinators strive to meet the needs of each school through a variety of roles including:
  • Guide and provide knowledge of best practices around mental health.
  • Establishment and participating in systems to address individual student needs through a problem-solving process.
  • Provision of consultation to schools to problem solve and identify solutions to address school-wide, grade-level of individual mental health risk factors.
  • Assist and support school staff in the delivery of direct group and individual interventions.
  • Delivery of professional development opportunities to schools surrounding identified.

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